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About Us

KVP acts in two capacities…

Law Firm Support

At our Court Running Division, we act as your agent for the provision of many services such as Court House filing and searching as well as Land registration and related services. Neither of these roles includes the provision of legal advice to any parties. But we are in a unique position to support our law office clients with a wide range of skills and expertise.

Using an agent in Alberta is beneficial for many reasons, and for over 40 years KVP has supported the legal industry in many capacities.   Please read about our company’s history below…

Registry Services

At our Registry, KVP acts as an accredited service provider and Agent for Alberta Registries, providing Motor Vehicle and other Alberta Registries products since 1993. Services include: Motor Vehicle licencing, registration,and examinations, Vital Statistics – birth, marriage, death certificates and marriage licensing, Land Title and tax searching, Personal Property-PPSA, Corporate-Commercial and many more!

Company History

In 1962, our President and Founder, Karl Vander Ploeg, began providing a registration service to the legal community in Calgary, Alberta.  Karl and his wife Norma moved to Edmonton, Alberta in 1963.  Through dedication and a strong work ethic, he forged a strong, personal service to a small number of Edmonton law firms.  His service consisted of registering documents with, and providing searches from, various government departments, including the Edmonton Court House, Northern Alberta Land Titles Office, Companies Branch, Central/Vehicle Registry, Vital Statistics and the City Tax department.

Karl created KVP Registration Services Ltd. in 1969.  As Karl’s reputation began to grow, he began to work for more and more law firms.  His wife Norma participated in the business directly in the early years.  His son, Brent, started to work for KVP for summer employment in 1978 and essentially grew up with the business.  Brent came back full-time in the mid-1980s, and worked his way up to vice-president of the company.  Karl remained affectionately known by his first name, and his work was centered around “Karl’s Desk”.

As most Albertans will know, in 1993 the Alberta government underwent a privatization of the delivery of certain registry, information and licensing services.  Since KVP had specialized knowledge in many of the services being privatized, it only made sense to apply to become an agent for Alberta Registries.  KVP won a license, and in May 1994 opened a registry in Edmonton.  The registry was temporarily located on 109 Street, and moved to its current home in Oliver Square West in September 1994.  This location now attracts more than 40,000 members of the general public per year for walk-in services.

From our law firm clients’ perspective, KVP has grown to become a complete registration and search service with regards to court, land, personal property and corporate legal documents.  Across western Canada, we now service over 500 clients, of which more than 400 are in the legal community.  We excel by offering specialized legal support and exclusive court/land runner services.  Our registry now makes up a significant number of the services we offer to our law firm clients.  From our public clients’ perspective, KVP has earned a reputation as a reliable, experienced, and very competent Registry Agent who practices excellence in customer service.

The Alberta Chamber of Commerce and Premier Ralph Klein presented an Alberta Business Award of Distinction to KVP Registration Services Ltd. in 1994.  The award stated, “In recognition of being a finalist in the Business Service category of the 1994 Alberta Business Awards of Distinction, and in recognition of your company’s investment in the continued economic prosperity and diversification of the Province of Alberta.”

In 2007-2011, KVP Registry was the recipient of the Consumers' Choice Award for Business Excellence.  We strive to be at the forefront of our industry, and hope to be the recipients of many future awards.

In total, KVP currently employs over 25 expert personnel, all devoted to providing the best possible service to our clients.

Our mission statement is…

"KVP’s purpose is to professionally assist the Legal community by providing various support services which allow our clients to focus on their specialties."