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Delivery Services

KVP delivers regularly to our clients in the greater Edmonton and Calgary areas.  We often refer to these pick-up (and drop-off) deliveries as a “RUN”.  If you are located outside of our delivery range or if your office is located outside of Edmonton or Calgary, we may still be able offer a solution for filing at the Court House and at Land Titles.

Contact us for more information regarding delivery arrangements.


Rush Filing

Rush filing is also available to compliment your regular deliveries.  Please call us when you require a rush filing and our Customer Service Representative(s) will advise you on how best to utilize this service throughout the day.  Remember that search requests for the Court House or for Land Titles can always be emailed, phoned or faxed in.

Please appreciate that your scheduled delivery time and your location in the city may play a factor in how we are able to process your rush filing.  If you are located outside of the downtown core it is quite possible that the use of an independent courier may be needed to deliver your document(s) to KVP.


Please contact our offices to make your pickup and delivery arrangements.